Excerpt from course description

Behavioural Foundations of Strategic Management


The course develops your understanding and perspectives of different behavioural strategy phenomena and how these can be managed within the organisation. Of central concern are the phenomena of strategic cognition, strategic decision making, strategy development processes, strategic leadership, managing strategic capabilities, and strategic change and renewal.  

The course blends theory and applications in covering each of these topics.  Students are given a set of readings for each week, and are expected to come to class prepared. We do not teach the readings, we start from these and build our discussion accordingly. The course requires active participation from all students.  We use a range of examples and cases from state-of-the-art topics and concerns in business, such as sustainability. 

Course content

The topics to be covered will include many of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategic thinking and sense making
  • Strategic decision making
  • Strategy development processes
  • Strategy as practice
  • Leadership
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategic change
  • The strategy-organisation link


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