This programme bridges technology with commercialization in a global context. Research shows a distinctive advantage of companies born global over those born local. Born global is a course target towards knowledge-based entrepreneurs at early stages that aspire to create businesses with global reach from the start on. This programme provides the participant with the foundation for making future decisions with respect to venture projects based on evidence-based knowledge and experiential experience within core areas for high-tech entrepreneurs. The programme is a combination of selected topics and skills salient for the initial stages of business establishment and development in an international context.

Course content

Born global consists of six learning modules: 

1) Start Smart
Bootcamp / Orientation – what, why and how of the program, key success factors for developing startups, and inductive and evidence-based approach 

2) Gaining Advantage
Strategic Management for High-tech Start-ups

3) Business Analytics for Entrepreneurs
Key Economic and Financial indicators for Decision Makers

4) Winning the Customers
The Impact of Marketing Investment

5) Designing the Winning Team
Designing High Performing Teams in a High Tech Environment

6) Power of Creativity and Innovation
Innovation Management for R&D and High Tech Companies


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