Excerpt from course description

Business and Systems Architecture


Complete course description will be ready summer 2023.

Business architecture is the organizing principles for people, processes and technology.  A business architecture is both a blueprint (a plan) and a representation of the actual operational model of a business. Business architecture is being used to design, plan, execute, and govern change initiatives.

Similarly, a systems architecture is the organising principles of an information systems, or a set of information systems, describing its structure and behaviour. A systems architecture is a representation of components (modules or code units) and how they interact to achieve the intended outcome of using the system. A systems architecture is a subset of the business architecture.

The course will combine conceptual knowledge (structures and principles) with market overview and trends and hands-on demonstrations and assignments. This includes an introduction to public services and platforms for open data and message exchange (e.g. AltInn).

The course constitutes a link between Digital Value Creation and Digital Organizing, and the digital technology in a business. It also puts the learning from Digital Problem Solving and Task Automation course into a larger perspective.

Course content

  • General system theory and systemic thinking
  • Business architecture: concepts and standards
  • The role of business architecture in operational excellence and change work
  • Value configurations and digital platforms and ecosystems
  • Business architecture modelling – ArchiMate®
  • Systems architecture and cloud platforms
  • Business information systems, categories, market overview (vendors)
  • Public sector at the forefront: Open data, smart cities and message exhange


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