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Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations


This course is relevant to students who recognize that negotiations play a daily role in both their professional and personal lives - whether it is negotiating salary, the price of a new apartment or terms of a contract with a customer. In this highly interactive course, students will learn negotiation theory and acquire the practical skills and techniques to engage in a variety of negotiations. Students will apply negotiation theory in in-class negotiations and will practice creating and delivering presentations. These activities will enable them to strengthen their skills in two important areas of business communication that must often be carried out in English: (1) negotiations and (2) presentations.

Course content

  1. Business cases and negotiation techniques.
    • Introduction to negotiating
    • Distributive bargaining
    • Principled negotiating
    • Criticism of the negotiation theories
    • Seven business cases requiring students to negotiate. Each process concluded with discussion/reflection over the negotiation process.
  2. Presentation
    • Introduction to presentations.
    • What makes a presentation effective?
    • All students develop their own presentations with advice and guidance.
    • Dress rehearsal presentation in front of an audience with feedback.


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