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Communication and Involvement


The course is made up of four parts: digital engagement, digital communication, brand development and crisis communication. The first two parts are taught in the autumn semester, and the two other parts in the spring semester.

The course is anchored in theory regarding market communication, persuasion, opportunities for influence and effects.  

The course addresses itself primarily to engagement, which can be both positive and negative. Central elements involve how engagement is tied to viral communication, messages and brand names. One important goal for the course is that students will be able to analyze and use digital media in practice.

Course content

Part 1 – Digital engagement

  • Digital story telling using audiovisual methods   
  • Principles for good written and visual communication  
  • Teamwork in practice
  • Introduction to communication strategy and tactical tools, e.g. use of “influencers” and “hashtags”
  • Ethical judgement  

Part 2 - Digital communication

  • Use of social media in different businesses
  • The concept of communication and theories
  • Relations to interest groups
  • Reputation and social responsibility  
  • Functions and tools in communication and methods of measurement 

Part 3 – Brand development

  • Understand what brands are and what they are not
  • Know the leading theories tied to making brands strong on the market  
  • Use models and methods to strategically plan changes and new elements in a brand  
  • Have knowledge of brand communication

Part 4 – Crisis communication

  • Negative engagement
  • “Issue management”, basic theories
  • Develop strategies and plans for effective use of digital media before, during and after the crisis


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