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Consultancy Project (2023/2024)


This course is part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and IFP School.

The consultancy project is an integral part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy (EMME) curriculum intended to allow participants to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the program in a real-life business, organizational or political situation. The Consultancy Project is commissioned by a company, an organization, or a public authority to address a challenge or problem which it faces.
The subject should in most cases be provided by a company, an organization or a public authority and approved by the faculty coordinators in the EMME Program. The project is usually supervised by a company, organizational or institutional representative who ensures that the project is relevant to their practices, as well as by a professor (supervisor) from one of the institutions (BI or IFP) whose role is to validate the theoretical and methodological quality.

Course content

Year I 

Module 1 – March (Oslo)

  • Introductory lecture and workshop on consultancy projcets  

Module 2 – September (Paris)

  • First presentation of ideas for consultancy projects, and workshop to develop them towards clear proposals
  • Contact with consultancy project supervisors 

Module 3 – November (Oslo/)

  • Refinement of consultancy propposals, workshop to consolidate method and analytical framing.
  • Approval of consultancy project theme and supervisor 

Supervision by assigned supervisors (November-March) 

Year II

Module 4 – March (Paris)

  • Project Coaching 

Supervision by assigned supervisors (March-May) 

Module 5 – May (Oslo)

  • Early stage consultancy project issues: concepts, methodos, relevance etc. Workshop and presenations to refine analysis  

Supervision by assigned supervisors (May – September)


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