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Corporate Financial Management


This program will give students an insight into modern financial strategy that is both practical and useful for a company's long-term survival and growth.

The programme gives participants a useful, relevant education with thorough specialist study in an area which is of vital importance to the ability to survive and growth of companies. After completing the programme, participants will be well equipped to influence and make investment and financing decisions to the benefit of the company. Central issues such as how decisions affect the value of a company will be dealt with. In order that participants have the necessary background to be able to make rational decisions when the unexpected occurs, importance is attached to how uncertainty affects decision-making rules.
The aim is for the participants who take the course to become important resource persons and managers in their respective companies

Course content

1st Investment decisions
2nd Financing decisions
3rd Valuation
4th Financial investments
5th Financial risk management
6th International finance


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