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Corporate Loan Risk Management


This is a course, which from the fall semester of 2017 is fully digitalized.  There will be no traditional class room lecturing in the course, but the lecturing will take place in the form of thematic videoes, exercises, cases and webinars.  The organization of the lecturing activities is based on the blende learning concept.  This requires extra efforts from the participants and a well-balanced progression througout the semester.

The purpose of the course is to give the participants a good introduction to methods for assessing credit risk, by having a critical view on historical financial data as well as by focusing on different types of business risk and the assessment of management's ability to execute the strategies and necessary actions.

Course content

Part 1 - A critical view on traditional financial statement analysis

  • Theme 1: Financial statements as source of information
  • Tkeme 2: Measuring growith and profitability
  • Theme 3: Measuring cash flows and operational degree of freedom
  • Theme 4: Sensitivty analyses
  • Theme 5: What the financial statements will not tell us

Part 2 - Increased knowledge of industry related issues

  • Theme 6: Understanding risk
  • Theme 7: Entrepreneurs vs. established businesses
  • Theme 8: Analysis of retailers and wholesellers
  • Theme 9: Analysis of service-rendering companies
  • Theme 10: Analysis of real estate companies
  • Theme 11: Analysis of acquisitions and other investing opportunities

Part 3 - A wholistic approach to business evaluation

  • Theme 12: Analysis of strategies, plans and budgets
  • Theme 13: Efficient management control
  • Theme 14: Basic valuation methods


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