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Creating and Leading Green Organizations


In this course, we focus on how you can lead and manage the change process involved in executing green strategies for the transformation of a company to a successfull sustainability business. We will look at what kind of organizations and competences that will be needed to take advantage of the next big wave of the green shift opportunities. This includes state-of-the-art approaches for change management and resource mobilization, such as  cultivating positive relationships, generative resistance, meaning making, giving behavior, facilitating agency as well as using the progress principle. As a part of these process of resource mobilization, you will work with developing a green business plan for your own company. 

Course content

  • The high-performing green executive
  • Purpose and sustainability-ethics at corporate and personal levels
  • How to make and execute a game-changing sustainability strategy?
  • How to deal with resistance to sustainability initiatives or green strategies?
  • Tackling Cultural and Organisational inertia
  • Making and calculating the financial case for sustainability investments
  • Public policies for enabling the transition: overcoming the obstacles (procurement, perverse subsidies, taxes etc)


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