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Cultural Understanding and Ethics in Security Management


This is a Master of Management course (15 ECTS), addressing cultural understanding and ethics in security management, designed for organizations working with security issues. It constitutes a part of 5 in a 90 ESCTS Executive Master of Management program specializing in Security and Cultural Understanding.

This program is designed for those aspiring to leadership roles within security operations, both in the private and public sectors,  The objective of this MoM in cultural understanding and security is to prepare personnel for the communication complexity and cultural context involved in foreign affairs and multinational operations. In such multinational operations, it is imperative to understand local context and culture, and to collaborate with the locals on their terms. Local context may refer to one or more global regions experiencing crisis and conflict, with many stakeholders and a high level of complexity in security operations.

 In this program we aim to utilize this experience to the greatest extent possible in interactive learning. We will therefore utilize a case based educational approach and "action-learning".

Our approach to intercultural understanding includes putting participants’ real life experiences into a bigger perspective, with the application of a theoretical framework and empirical studies that promote learning and increase competency. The purpose of the program is to help participants to be able to understand personal roles within a broader context, and to be able to independently make sound decisions, based on intercultural understanding. Consequently, appreciation of culturally specific ethics, morals, and understanding of our roles in an international negotiation situation are important.

Course content

Samling 1
Flerkulturell bevissthet, et teoretisk rammeverk
Flerkulturell forståelse i et militær og sikkerhets kontekst
Etnosentrisme, liberalisme og kulturrelativisme
Forståelse av skandinaviske kultur og ledelse og hvordan vi kan bruke særnorske egenskaper i kommunikasjon
Case studier: etiske og kulturelle dilemma i operasjoner i forsvaret: innsikt i lokalt liv, normer og historie
Innsikt i empiriske krysskulturelle studier

Samling 2
Kommunikasjon, samspill og ledelse i sikkerhets situasjoner
Kultur og ledelse – modeller og sammenhenger i et makroperspektiv
Case studier: Erfaringer fra Kabul og Marinejegerkommandoen
Grunnprinsippene i operasjoner - påvirkning og psykologiske operasjoner
Utfordringer når forsvaret gjør sivile oppdrag – erfaringer

Samling 3
Forhandlinger i krysskulturell kontekst: teori og øvelser
Viktigheten av etikk, respekt og ROE
Når vi feiler – «intergrity creep»
kulturell intelligens i en globalisert verden


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