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Data Driven Management Accounting


Management accountants have for many years been the drivers of analysis for decision-making in most organisations. Previously using reports from internal ERP systems, management accountants have extracted data, conducted spreadsheets, manual analysis, and arrived at a basis for providing relevant information to key decision-makers.

With the vast increase in available data, the management accountant is forced into a world previously hosted by computer scientists. In many cases, management accountants now have to extract the data themselves from various locations, filter and regroup data themselves, and then perform analysis to shed light on current decisions. This course intends to show how data from various sources within companies can be used to perform such tasks as cost estimation, customer profitability analysis,performance measurement, predictive analytics, and to conduct forensic accounting.

Course content

  • In-house data
  • External relevant data
  • Extraction of data
  • Decision analysis
  • Management science
  • Cost estimation for various profitability calculations
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Accounting forensics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Visualisation of management accounting analytics


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