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Digital Business: Developing Technological and Organisational Capabilities


How do you create a successfull digital service? How to exploit the vast amount of data from objects that are connected? How to create new and effective businesses? These and similar question are issues we will cover throughout the course, and we will do that with a practical and concrete approach.

Digitalisation is when businesses use digital technology in a holistic and integrated approach, both internally and externally. The digital business is recognised by streamlined operational processes, an unified and frictionless customer experience, and is constantly rethinking their business model. Digitalisation is based on technology, but most organisations struggle more with organisational and managerial issues, and find it hard to develop new knowledge capabilities.

We begin the course with a few cases of digital services and businesses to see what is new and novel to undrstand why some succeeds and others don't. We will continue with some easy to use tools and techniques for prototyping digital solutions. Finally, we will define som underlying mechanisms of how technology evolves over time and use that knowledge to beome better prepared for future developments in technology.

Course content

  • Digitalisation and digitisation; digital services and digital business models
  • Successful digital services - what is it?
  • How to design a digital service?
  • Protoyping an minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Understanding technologyand how it evolves

In addition to regular teaching sessions, the course will include demonstrations and minor class projects with technology, for example use of Mixed Reality and Hololens, how to set up a chatbot and use of cloud-based platforms (e.g. Microsoft, Google or IBM).

There will also be room for going deeper into specific technologies, for example Blockchain and machine learning (AI).


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