Excerpt from course description

Digitalization and technology in creative industry


This course takes up the challenges and possibilities for creative industry as a result of digitalization. The use of digital technology has broad consequences with regard to how content is created, diffused and experienced. Digitalisation also creates new possibilities and challenges for financing, communication and marketing in creative industries. In the course, emphasis is put on students developing an understanding of the questions facing creative industries as a result of digitalization. Emphasis is put on students being able to develop an understanding of the main challenges creative industry faces as a result of digitalization and the skills it requires to use digital tools.

Course content

  • How to understand digitalization – historically and at present  
  • Big data, algorithms, new platforms and how they can be used in creative industries
  • Digital business structures and business models  
  • Use of social media and digital marketing in creative industry
  • Big data and algorithms in a social perspective
  • Ethics and the net


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