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Elective Course in Quantitative Analysis


The course is an extension of the compulsory course "Research Methods and Thesis Writing (MAN 2519).

The course covers the process from planning a survey to analysis of survey data.The firs part part focus on the survey planning and development; i.e. study design. The second part is a hands-on workshop in the use of statistical techniques and procedures to analyse survey data with SPSS.

Course content

Part one:

  • Justification and consequences of quantitative research methods
    • research problem and design
    • data collection and analysis
  • Formulation av research problem
  • From research problem to survey intrument
  • Design of a survey instrument
  • Survey-baes data collection

Part two:

  • Analysis of quantitative data
    • procedures and processes
    • analytical techniques
    • interpretation of results



  • Using SPSS for data analysis
    • Introduction to SPSS and the SPSS simulator
    • Validating the survey instrument
    • Data reduction
    • Standard analysis
    • Advanced analysis


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