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Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EntBev) AUTUMN 2020


This course is unfortunately cancelled for autumn 2020.

In this course the students will learn the actual process of starting and growing a new business. Knowledge and tools related to the entrepreneurial process, including leadership, market segmentation and business modelling, are central to the successful development of profitable new companies. This course will provide the students with models and tools for developing and scaling start-up companies, as well as practical experience in developing a convincing business plan. Methods related to the “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” approach will be central. Through the course, students may prepare an application to the STUD-ENT through the Norwegian Research Council, and a presentation / pitch.

An active learning form is introduced through student presentations, problem solving, discussions, practical exercises including interviews with end users, customers and key partners.

Course content

  • Motivation, commitment and team
  • Market segmentation and "Beachhead" market
  • Product Specification and Value Proposition
  • Core and Competitive Position
  • Customers Decision-Making
  • Process of Acquire a Paying Customer
  • Business Modell
  • Pricing Framework
  • Sales Process to Acquire a Customer
  • Minimum Viable Business Product (MVBP)
  • Developing a Product Plan
  • Entrepreneurial leadership and coaching


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