Excerpt from course description

Experience design: product and market


The course is an introduction to the experience economy and describes and discusses production, distribution, consumptionand marketing of experiences in new and traditional business contexts. The focus of the course is on experience aspect and experiencedesign of the experience economy and emphasize how experiences can add value to firms and customers focusing the tourism industry.

Course content

  • The experience economy: introduction.
  • Value creation.
  • Shifts in society.
  • The arenaes.
  • The process of experience.
  • Innovation.
  • Design principles.
  • Cocreation.
  • The experience room.
  • Pine and Gilmore: The four experience realms.
  • Storytelling.
  • Authenticity.
  • Experiences as tools in market communication, image and branding.
  • Experiences in business generally and in the service industry specially.


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