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Financing and Organizing Scaling up Companies


This program address top management teams and focuses on potential fast to grow technology firms. Based on a strategic mapping of the company’s situation, on evidence based market and customer knowledge and on a clear scaling strategy, such companies need to further close critical knowledge gaps and thereby reduce risks of failure. The companies furthermore need to acquire the financial, competence and material resources and managerial tools and methods needed to expand their activities and market reach.

This program builds on MAN 670X and starts out by teaching topics in venture capital and corporate financing including the venture capital staged investment model, venture capital syndication, capital structure and loan financing, financial distress and restructuring, convertible loans, option schemes, ownership alignment and exit strategies/options such as M&A and IPO. The program furthermore teaches core topics in business economics with an emphasis on investment analysis and risk assessments, and bring these topics together in a discussion of international collaboration and business networking, and on the role of entrepreneurial management and leadership teams in fast to scale tech companies.

Based on lectures on theory and methodology, the students will conduct research of financial markets and target investor categories, explore alternative financial strategies, gather data to conduct their own investment analysis and identify numbers that matters to mangers managing market growth activities such as cost of customer acquisition and costs of customer retention.

Course content

“Financing and organizing scaling up businesses” consists of 6 lecturing modules and minimum 30 student work hours with out of class student research work.

1) Venture Capital
2) Corporate finance
3) Core topics in business economics
4) Investment analysis
5) International collaboration
6) Entrepreneurial management and leadership

Student research work will focus on research problems, key assumption and hypothesis identification, on data gathering from interviews as well as from secondary sources, and on analysis, presentation and discussion of findings in class and clarification of implications for business model adjustments. The work will be instructed by the program responsible faculty team and supported by Tsinghua-BI team of associated coaches, mentors and investors assisting the candidates during out of class work


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