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Global Strategy & Entrepreneurship


This course provides you with the tools and skills to grow your business internationally, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and draw on expertise both inside and outside of your organization.

We help you critically assess your organization and environment before making important business decisions. Which international strategy is most suitable for your organization? How can you become entrepreneurial in a global context? How can you develop an innovative organization? How can you finance entrepreneurial activities? Do cultural and institutional differences matter for your business? The program provides a rich overview of strategic challenges facing global entrepreneurial organizations and the tools available to assess the situation and make sound business decisions.

In today’s economy, most businesses face global challenges either through direct global activities or through global suppliers, customers or partners. We focus specifically on strategic challenges that arise from cross-border business activities and how to succeed with entrepreneurial activities both within corporations and international new ventures. Some of the topics that we cover include: business decisions in an international context; entrepreneurship in a global context; organizing international activities; building global competitiveness; knowledge-transfer; creating value from corporate innovation; and how to use open innovation.

The program will mix digital content with five in-class modules. Our fourth module is a study-trip to China where we examine the rapid innovation that has taken place there and China’s future challenges related to the quality and impact of innovation. The in-class sessions are highly interactive with discussions, a focus on practical applications, and a dialogue with corporations and international new ventures.

All classes will be conducted in English (the term paper may be written in Norwegian).


Who is this program for?
This program is suited for business professionals or future entrepreneurs who are focused on developing global entrepreneurial organizations. We focus both on corporate settings and international new ventures and therefore welcome participants who are focused on new business development as well as those interested in developing entrepreneurial organizational cultures in established corporations.

Course content

1st course module
Understanding strategy and entrepreneurship in a global context

2nd course module
Strategic corporate decisions and entrepreneurial opportunities

3rd course module
Building competitive global organizations and new ventures

4th course module
Global strategy and entrepreneurship in practice: Study-trip abroad

5th course module
Integrating topics and practical applications


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