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Health Care Management Skills


The foundation course Skills in Health Management focuses on management and administration in various parts of the Norwegian health service. The Norwegian health service is a labour-intensive and complex sector consisting of highly qualified employees, strongly characterized by profession orientation, high technology with many self-confident and demanding patients and users. The foundation course Skills in Health Management has a special focus on the challenges faced by middle managers and shall provide a sound basis for creating a common meeting ground between the various disciplines within the field of health, health professionals, technology and patients/users with a focus on creating a better health service characterized by good quality and service.

Skills in Health Management provides the foundation for moving into management positions in health and care services. The students will learn basic knowledge and skills in healthcare management (leadership and administration). The course is a publicly recognized bachelor programme which will give students 30 ECTS Credits.

Course content

The overview of topics applies to the entire course. See additional information for material on each gathering.

Organizational theories and management
Health management
Personnel management
Finance management

Strategic change

Co-creation of innovation with users and patients

Strategy implementation


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