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High Performance Leadership


Today's workday is characterized by increased demands for competence, independence, creativity and performance. This must not be done at the expense of co-workers' health and job satisfaction, as well as the organization's economic and ethical principles. Research and experience have shown that there areways to achieve such objectives and this program is based on the newest principles within these important areas

Course content

The program is constructed as an integrated learning program consisting of the main areas:
1. An information part where we go through important topics within the areas of leadership, self-leadership, super-leadership and self-managed teams, as well as the psychological and the theoretical background for these topics.
2. A process part that aims to make participants aware of their own conduct and thinking process, their strategies' strengths and weaknesses. This creates the basis for making a personal development plan that the leaders will work on during the course.
3. A project part where the theoretical and practical learning will be adapted to one's own situation. This project part will culminate in a project paper. The project may be based on the participant's result of a 360 degree evaluation of one's own style of self-leadership and be summed up with integration and discussion of the relationship between the leader's experiences, personal development and new research based knowledge in psychology and leadership. Other, more traditional projects with focus on the program's topics may also be chosen.

1. Session - Introduction and overview
2. Session - Motivation, performance and self-leadership
3. Session - Super-leadership, transformation and inspiration
4. Session - Creativity, self-leadership and personal branding


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