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Household Insurance Claims Handling


The course gives in-depth coverage of most areas both private and corporate within household insurance claims handing. The course is compulsory for those needing a licence for household insurance claims handling. The course also provides in-depth coverage of particular issues that are important for this business area.

Course content

Insurance terms for the following private insurances: house-owner, home, holiday cottage, construction and fire insurance as well as insurance for particular valuables

- The terms’ provisions concerning who the insurance applies to: insured party, spouse, co/habitant/member of household/shared housing, pledgee, provisions concerning separation/divorce
- The terms’ provisions on where the insurance applies: geographical limitations, outside fire and theft insurance, etc.
- Provisions concerning what is included, which involves defining what is meant by the building.
- The provisions on what damage that is covered: all perils at risk incl. natural hazards and the connection between perils at risk and safety regulations.

Conditions for the following insurances for SMEs: shop, company, office, housing cooperative, house-owner, building, agricultural and fire insurance.
- See item on private insurances (above)

Important provisions for claims settlements
Calculation of damages on buildings
Calculation of damages on household effects
Calculation of damages on other items
Own risk/new-for-old deduction
Charge issues
Principles for calculating damages from interruptions, loss of rent payments, interest policy for business

Agreements between companies
Double insurance
Pledgee guarantee pool/Settlement agreement between companies
Recourse agreement on fire damage to cars in car repair shops

Common terms for claims settlements
- Requirements to and assessment of appraisal report
- Construction calculation system, etc.
- Various forms of settlement
- Appraisal/controlled bill/tender/estimate/pursuant to agreement
- Damage reorganizing (RVR) immediate measures/risk preventive measures/disruption
- Fraud

- Major

Secured 3rd party pursuant to law and agreement
- Chattels
- Building

Safety regulations

Identification (private/company)
- Intent/gross negligence by the secured

Notice of reduction of claim

Committee procedure in practice (how complaints are handled)
Limitation rules
Valid/invalid insurance


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