Excerpt from course description

Internship in Your Own Start-Up Company


The objective with the internship program is to give students the opportunity to combine work to scale their own start-up company, with guidance towards an academic assignment with a self-chosen curriculum towards the end of the semester. Students are given the opportunity to use theories and models they have learned to solve specific tasks in their own business, thus experiencing the relevance of their academic knowledge. At the same time, we practice in this course active application of reflection and learning systematically. The students become more aware of their own actions and patterns, and that the dialogue with the other students in the course increases the learning outcomes for the individual.

We require the start-up company to be registered and consider each application individually.

Course content

  • The internship phases adapted to your own business
  • Learning contract and work plan
  • On companies and enterprises, the work tasks
  • Problem statement,syllabus and term paper
  • Professional development
  • Uses of theory
  • Reflection tools


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