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Law and Negotiations


The course is a program course for the bachelor's study in Retail Management and is adapted to the learning objectives set for this study. The course is divided into the following main subjects:

  • Law
    • Introduction to contract law.
    • Purchase law, including international purchase law and international payment systems
    • Labor law
    • Rent of business premises
    • Agency agreements, franchise agreements and distribution agreements
  • Introduction to negotiations

Course content

General contract law

  • Introduction to basic general contract law
  • Review of contracts' regulation of the parties' rights and obligations and of the legal effects of breach of contractual obligations
  • Introduction to entering into contracts and contract negotiation processes
  • Introduction to contract design and use of standard contracts
  • Brief review of key English contract terminology
  • Purchase law, including international purchase law and international payment systems.

Introduction to the Purchase Act and review of typical purchase contracts between traders

  • Introduction to international sales law and the use of international standard contracts for purchases
  • Review of Incoterms (International standard clauses governing the seller's and buyer's responsibilities for transport, insurance, storage, customs clearance, etc. of the purchased goods.)
  • Brief introduction to payment systems in international trade
  • Introduction to key employment law issues
  • Introduction to key issues in connection with renting business premises


  • Introduction to key challenges related to negotiations
  • Distribution, integration and multiparty negotiations
  • Mediation and conflict management in negotiations
  • International negotiations


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