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Leadership and Change Management in Schools


This bachelor programme is a Executive Corporate programme, implemented as a paralell with equivalent programme at master level.
This program is The Norwegian Business School’s offer to principals who wish to take part in the national educational program for principals. With this program, school leaders will be provided necessary skills and competence for the management and development of the organization. The Norwegian Business School’s program puts special focus on pupils’ learning outcomes. It’s target group is both established and future leaders of schools.

Course content

The programme is comprised of 7 modules

Module 1 – The principal as the leader of social commitment
The principal’s scope of authority
Model of increased school effectiveness
Methodical foundation for the writing of papers
The school and society
The effects of pupils’ learning outcomes
Economic issues for education – the effectiveness of schools

Module 2 – skills training
The school’s stakeholders
The psychosocial working environment
Impact and influence

Module 3 – Leading the school to promote pupils’ learning (takes place in London)
The principal as «capacity builder»
Closing the gap for higher equity
Reforms for school effectiveness
The inspection system in the English school
Visits to top English schools

Module 4 – The principal as leader of the learning process
The principal as pedagogical leader
Observation of teacher behaviour
Observation of pupil behaviour and pupils’ learning
Including pupils
High quality teaching

Module 5 – The principal as leader of teachers’ collaboration processes
The principal as integrator
Teacher collaboration for increased teaching quality
Teaching organizations
Personal development for a more effective school – HRM
Skills training – involvement methodologies

Module 6 – The principal as leader of change
Labour law topics – the principal’s prerogatives
Changes in culture
Changes in behaviour
Skills training – development plan

Module 7 – the principal as leader
School leadership in theory and practice
Management theories and management styles
Role security and legitimacy through competence
Skills training – development of leadership skills

Skills training
As a part of the program, leadership training will be provided for the students. Leadership training will be a combination of introductory lectures, exercises and feedback. The purpose of this is to give students confidence in demanding leadership situations.
In leadership training, students’ own leadership profiles will be addressed, both to assess how they themselves as leaders use their resources and as a foundation for developing their own leadership style. Central to this is the development of individual action plans and how these can be implemented in their leadership style.


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