Excerpt from course description

Management of Learning and Change I


BI Norwegian Business School has an ambition to increase pupils’ learning in the Norwegian school.  In order for schools to accomplish this there is a need for adaptation and change. Schools have to work in new and innovative ways and more resources must be involved in development and change, including the teachers. Teachers must therefore be trained in leadership.  The leadership dimension will in the future be more pronounced in all the tasks teachers work with at the school, both traditional tasks but also by the creation of new roles and tasks where teachers practice leadership. The programme reaches over a number of leader roles that are relevant for teachers, from performance of the leader role in the classroom to leadership in connection with colleagues in a common effort to make a better school. The topics of the programme thus range from classroom management to team management and project management.

Course content

  • The school as an organisation
  • Classroom management
  • Effects of pupils’ learning outcomes
  • Teams and team leadership
  • Change management
  • New as a leader
  • Personality and typology
  • Self management
  • Team and colleague coaching
  • Capacity for change


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