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Market and Public Law Regulation


The course focuses on public law regarding market regulations, intellectual property right and questions related to monetary claims and company law that may be relevant for an enterprise, including human rights. The course is organized in five sub-courses:

  • Competition law
  • Marketing Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Financial crime
  • Human rights

International conventions and EU-regulations must be seen as a framework for the Norwegian rules. The digital focus conveys a need for knowledge of the legislative regulation. Furthermore, human rights and a sustainable society is important when assessing legal rules.

Course content

Marketing Law

  • The protection of consumers in marketing law
  • The regulations of business practice in marketing law.
  • Good marketing practice
  • Rules regarding digital marketing
  • Enforcement of regulations in marketing law

Intellectual property law

  • Introduction to Trademark law, consumer name law, design law, patent law and copyright
  • The interplay between intellectual property law and marketing law

Competition law

  • Prohibition and public intervention in competition law
  • Legal influence in private law
  • Information requirements and sanctions
  • Competition law and Norwegian Competition Authority
  • EEA-regulations

Financial crime

  • Crime law
  • Special provisions in financial crime
  • Misuse of funds and corruption
  • Aggravated receiving
  • Crime related to obligations
  • Creditor protection

Human rights

  • The scope of human rights
  • Norwegian Constitutional Articles on Human Rights and International Human Rights Conventions
  • Norwegian Enterprises and Human Rights


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