This course will introduce you to basic marketing problems and perspectives and the contexts in which they arise. It will help you to develop an ability to structure and analyze such problems, and provide the appropriate tools and concepts for solving them. The course will concentrate on marketing topics which will help the marketing manager to attract and keep the right profitable customers as a means to enhance the firm's share holder value. 

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the main theoretical and managerial issues in the area of strategic marketing, with an emphasis on Business to Business (B2B) marketing. For every consumer market there are typically several upstream organizations which must deal with each other in products and services before anything is ultimately consumed. This course aims to show that B2B marketing is about to try to manage the complex network of buying and selling relationships between these organizations, with particular attention to the concept of value creation.

This EMBA course in marketing aims to give the participant a comprehensive introduction to the field of strategic marketing and decision-making. Emphasis is placed on analytical tools and a pragmatic approach for making marketing decisions that maximize long term value for the company. The course integrates the participant’s ability to understand, create and deliver value for their companies.

Course content

The course is structured around three main areas relevant to strategic marketing at the business level: Understanding value, Creating value and Delivering value 

Understanding Value:
In this first part of the program, the main focus is on value co-creation and what this implies for companies. We will specifically start with the basics of marketing and discuss the importance of marketing within firms and the ambitions of marketing for value creation. We then move over to specifics of B2B marketing such as customer-supplier interaction and relationship management. Particularly we will focus on the buying process of B2B customers and supplier relationship development.  

Main themes covered in this section:

  • Marketing basics
  • B2B Marketing principles
  • Business relationship fundamentals
  • Industrial buying behaviour 

Creating Value:
The second part of the course will focus in depth on value and what value creation implies for business relationship management. Particularly we will discuss customer relationship development. We will study how value can be created across multiple business relationships such as business networks and marketing channels. The students will also learn how to understand industrial buying behaviour. Finally, we will discuss what this implies for strategic business market management. 

Main themes covered in this section:

  • Managing business relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Business networking
  • Business channel management
  • Marketing strategy 

Delivering Value:
The final part of the course will focus on how firms can extract value from customers with particular focus on customer management and how new business can be gained.  

Main themes covered in this section:

  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Customer development
  • Customer value management.


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