Excerpt from course description

Human Resource Management


In its essence management is about getting things done through people and human resources. This course addresses how organizations can and actually do manage human resources at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. The course will expose the participants to current trends in research and practice of human resource management by engaging them in both practice-oriented experiential learning as well as evidence-based approach towards HRM.

Course content

  1. Pre-work: Groups prepare videos on selected HRM topics 
  2. Intro: Contextualizing HRM
  3. Research and practice trends in HRM
  4. HRM and organizational performance
  5. Talent management
  6. Work engagement, job design and HRM
  7. HR internationalization, expats and culture
  8. Recruitment and selection
  9. Training and development
  10. Performance management, compensation and feedback systems
  11. Employee retention and turnover
  12. Role of HR as change agents in digital transformation
  13. Innovative HRM and HRM for innovation
  14. Stepping in the shoes of an HR manager - Digital HR and data analytics (online simulation)
  15. Follow-up: Individual exam (case analysis)

    2 of the teaching hours in this course are dedicated to CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues.


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