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Negotiation and negotiation skills


Negotiation are omnipresent in our lives. At work we negotiate with our employers, colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers. In our private lives we negotiate with friends, children, spouses and family members. We negotiate everyday but how aware are we of what is happening in these situations? How can we become better negotiators? Negotiation research provides us with evidence about how we should act in a negotiation.
In this course theory and research will be presented which will help you understand and analyze the critical elements and processes in a negotiation. By using roles plays and cases you will have the opportunity to develop your competencies and skills.

Course content

I.What is a negotiation and why is it important for work life?
II. Negotiation and conflict resolution
III. Negotiation strategies and tactics
IV.Negotiation and mediation at work (colleagues, customers, and suppliers)
V. Social psychological research and negotiation
VI.Negotiation is groups


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