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New Venture Bootcamp


After developing the entrepreneurial mindset and grasping the essence of innovation, entrepreneurs will need to translate their technical or commercial insights into successful businesses. This course focuses on real life challenges and problems for entrepreneurs in three important phases: starting-up, scaling-up, and corporate innovation. Startup Bootcamp focuses on topics important during the (pre-) start-up phase of new business creation; Scaleup Bootcamp focuses on topics important in the scaling-up and expansion phrase; Corporate Innovation Bootcamp focuses on deep dive into intrapreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship and venturing. The overall objective is to improve the ability of course participants to diagnose problems in new venture development and to recommend solutions. This course builds on theoretical and empirical explanations to explore how entrepreneurs cope with developmental challenges in different scenarios. It also dives into key industry verticals (e.g., Healthcare, Fintech, and Biotech), in order to improve the competence of students to combine knowledge with practice. 

Course content

The course content includes:

  1. Starting up: value creation
  2. Starting up: value capture
  3. Starting up: resource and process
  4. Scaling up: crossing the chasm
  5. Scaling up: organizing for complexity
  6. Scaling up: diversification
  7. Corporate innovation: stimulating intrapreneurship
  8. Corporate innovation: corporate venturing
  9. Key industry verticals: features, potentials, and business models


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