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Organizational Development and Change


Organizational learning and the leader or consultant as change agent
Teams, departments and organizations are continually facing new challenges. Leaders as well as experts are expected to act as change agents and facilitators. The key challenge is to develope teams and organizations which are flexible enough to adapt to challenges by incremental learning processes. This course focus especially on the different stages of the learning process," step by step". Distinct success criteria and pit-falls in change prosesses are highlighted.

Course content

Building a platform for change

  • Challenges and possibilities facing teams, departments and organizations today
  • Paradoxes and dilemmas in change processes
  • Innovation and revitalization of organizations. Identifying and influencing organizational culture
  • Realization and living the new organizationa culture

The change process

  • Stages in a change process. The importance of flexiblilty
  • Making a diagnosis: Identifying and analysing the organization or department
  • Goal: Specifying the ideal/wanted situation
  • Planning and implementation: Grounding the change process. Information, communication, involvement and committment

Tools and strategies

  • Tools, techniques and methods for implementing the change process. Evaluation, learning and rewards
  • Obstacles to change. Stategies for overcoming obstacles
  • Success criteria and pit-falls in change processes. Prerequisites and strategies for succeeding
  • Tool-kit for change work
  • Evaluation of change


  • The role of consultants and change agents. An alternative consulting style
  • Continual development and change in organizations. Learning as" step-by-step processes"
  • Future trends: Organization development and change in the years to come
  • Developing oneself as a change agent


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