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Production Management for the Cultural and Entertainment Industries


In recent years, most entertainment and cultural industries has experienced increasing professionalization, as well as significant transformations due to technological developments and the Covid-19 pandemic. This has created new demands for skills and knowledge for everyone with some sort of leadership responsibility within a production team. 

There is a growing demand for managers who do not only understand the technical and artistic processes, but who can also carry these out within a framework of economic and management understanding and knowledge.

This program provides participants with a tailored theoretic fundament in economics, project management and communication, and the theory is applied to a industry-specific context of production management in film, TV and stage productions.

The program is theoretically grounded, but taught with a practical orientation. It is offered by BI in collaboration with The Norwegian Film and TV Producers' Association, the Norwegian Association for Performing Arts, The Private Theatre Producers' Association and Nordic Stories.

Course content

About half of each module will cover topics in project and resource management. In addition, each module will cover in depth:

1st course module – Production Management for Film, TV and Stage

  • The role of the production manager within film, TV, commercials, theater, opera, concerts and events
  • Value creation in creative projects
  • Interdependence between creative and economic considerations

2nd course module – Organization and Management of Creative Projects

  • What is special about the production manager? What do I manage and how?
  • Which methods and techniques can I utilize as production manager?

3rd course module – Negotiations and Conflict Management

  • Effective interorganizational communication
  • Negotiation techniques

4th course module – Risk and Crisis Management

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk management
  • Crisis management

5th course module – Deals, Contracts and Financing

  • Industry agreements and standard agreements
  • Practical contract application in productions
  • Project financing


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