Excerpt from course description

Public occupational pensions


The course is primarily intended for employees working with pension schemes which manage public occupational pension schemes. The course will also be of interest for others working with pension-related issues in the public sector, for instance employee representatives, advisers within the pension area and people with personnel responsibility within the public sector.

Course content

Public occupational pensions in a larger perspective
Legal basis and history

Description of the market

Essential framework for life insurance, group pension scheme and pension funds
Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund Act
Insurance business Act
National Insurance Act
Harmonization Act
The Government’s Basic Collective Agreement
The Basic Collective Agreement for the Municipalities

The National Insurance
Development of the National Insurance – old and new scheme
Benefits – terms and calculation
The motives for the pension reform and duration of life adjustment

Public Pension – membership and benefits
Membership criteria
The transfer agreement
Disability pension
Old-age pension
Early retirement
Spouse/cohabitant pension
Child’s pension
Special age limits
Taxation rules

Life insurance technique
Cash position and accounts – cost calculations
Premium rating and pension cost, premium variance
Management of pension assets
Accountancy according to various accounting standards


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