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Python for Data Analysis - SUMMER COURSE


Python for Data Analysis is a master-level summer course in programming and data analysis using the Python programming language and Python libraries for data processing, analysis and visualization (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn).

All sessions combine classical lectures with discussing and solving problems related to data analysis.

The course is intended for students with at least some basic programming experience (in any language). Experience with Python is not required. 

GRA 4151 Python for Data Analysis is offered for MSc in Strategic Marketing Management, MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, MSc in Business and MSc in Applied Economics.

The course is not open to students of MSc in Business Analytics (the contents of this course is covered by the GRA 4142 course.

Course content

  • Introduction, installation of Python, Jupyter lab, IDEs.
  • Executing Python code.
  • Variables, basic types, user input and output.
  • Control flow (conditional execution, loops).
  • Organizing code (functions and libraries).
  • Data structures.
  • Strings, reading, writing and processing text files, regular expressions.
  • Vectors and matrices (NumPy).
  • Random numbers and the Monte Carlo method.
  • Processing and analyzing tabular data with Pandas (reading, cleaning, manipulating, grouping and aggregating data).
  • Plotting and visualization (Matplotlib, Seaborn).
  • Introduction to more advanced topics in data analysis and data science.


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