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Real Estate Law III


The students will acquire knowledge about the legal regulation of the real estate business.

Course content

1. Organizational law
The legal rules for various forms of ownership concerning capital, organizational structure, the right of conveyance of interests, and organizational changes.

2. Labour legislation
Legal rules applicable between the parties in employment relationships.

3. Law of negotiable instruments
The content of monetary claims, simple claims, debt instruments, negotiable debt instruments, settlement of monetary claims, limitation, guarantees.

4. Security interest
Establishment of mortgage law, legal protection rules, etc.

5. Title registration law
Title registration legislation, including regulation of title registration.
Study of the practical implementation of title registration, coordinated with the program's study of the practical real estate business.

6. Legal enforcement
The legal rules on legal enforcement, debt negotiations and bankruptcy, including rules concerning the position of real estate during legal enforcement, debt negotiations and bankruptcy.

7. Nature and environmental law
Regulation on the protection of nature and environment.


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