Excerpt from course description

Real Estate Development


The course is structured to give the students an understanding of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary topic, real estate development.

Throughout the course, the students will learn and discuss relevant topics, such as public and private area plans, different types of risks as well as different subtopics of investment analysis. In addition, the course will give the students an understanding of sustainable real estate development. The student shall work on a project assignment throughout the semester where the purpose is to analyze relevant aspects of a specific plot/area, such as market analysis, demographic analysis, zoning conditions, and macroeconomic tendencies. Based on the results from the analysis, shall the students conduct a feasibility study of the land plot.

Course content

  1. Phases of real estate development
    • Acquisition
    • Zoning
    • Construction
    • Risk elements
    • Completion
  2. Public and private area plans
    • Municipality plan
    • Private zoning plan
    • Zones requiring special consideration
    • Zoning risk
  3. Real estate development analysis
    • Demographic
    • Market
    • Economy
    • Community development
  4. Sustainable real estate development
    • Area development
    • Long-term development
    • Environmental consideration
  5. Investment analysis
    • Valuation principles
    • Construction cost
    • Yield


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