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Research Proposal Course


The purpose of this course is to allow BI Double Degree students at Groningen, prior to arriving there, to have performed 10 credits on the thesis, which in Groningen is 20 credits. Students from Groningen will write this research paper after a completion of a 20 ECTS credits thesis from Groningen. In order to obtain an MSc degree from BI, students need to have completed at least 30 ECTS thesis.

Course content

BI Double Degree students will in this course, together with a research faculty at Department of Marketing, pick a topic and develop a research proposal in the format of the front end of a scientific paper published in for example Journal of Marketing. A set of guidelines for the research proposal will be provided. This work amounts to about 50 percent of a paper, i.e. 50 percent of the Groningen thesis. A good alternative may be to pick a topic for the research proposal that will allow them to connect the contents of this proposal with the thesis (to be) written at Groningen.


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