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School Development II


School Development II is the final program of the Master’s degree in Schoolleadership.

While the Master’s degree in School Leadership’s first year gives a broad overview and perspective of schools’ effectiveness, school management and strategies for school development, School Development I and II to a greater extent put focus on the pedagogical, institutional and social conditions for making a school in which pupils learn more. In these programmes the most important factors that impact the school’s quality are reviewed and discussed. School Development I focuses on the pedagogical and didactic conditions for schools’ effectiveness, while School Development II takes up the institutional and social conditions for the effectiveness of the school.

In this programme, both the organizational and social conditions for effective school development are taken up. Topics in focus are the school’s culture, cooperative relationships within and between schools, the school as an arena of learning and the society’s framework conditions for school development, accountability and technology. The programme includes a study period at UC Berkeley.

Course content

Strategic development of your own school
Methodical systems
Strategic theory
Management of strategic processes in your own school

Pupils’ learning support
Teaching for increased learning
Pupil’s involvement in their own learning

Organizational conditions for increased learning’
Resource allocation
Norms for learning

Teaching support and teaching quality
(takes place in California)
Use of observation protocols
The school leader’s social network
Use of data for pupils’ learning
The principal’s influence on pupils’ learning

Pupil performance
Presentation of action plans for increased learning in your own school


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