Excerpt from course description

Self Assesment and Strategic Development in your own school


In this program the participants perform a self-evaluation of their own school, with the aim of maximizing the school’s contribution to the pupils’ development and learning. The self-evaluation is used as basis for the development of a management strategy for development and change of their own school in order to increase the pupils’ learning. We especially emphasise the professional pedagogical and organisational conditions that must be met to create good schools.

Course content

  • Self-evaluation of your own school
  • Methodical framework for self-evaluation
  • Self-evaluation of the effectiveness of management
  • Self-evaluation of teaching
  • Self-evaluation of pupils’ results
  • Gathering and organizing data
  • Teachers’ work with pupils’ data
  • Management’s analysis of pupils’ data
  • Stress management and change management
  • Strategies and methods for creating a workplace where onself and others are motivated by challenges and heavy loads and master them  
  • Self-evaluation of the learning environment
  • Classroom leadership
  • Expectations for learning
  • Developing social and pedagogical relationships
  • Strategic development of one’s own school
  • Strategy theory
  • Management of strategic processes in one’s own school
  • Teachers’ collaboration and learning organization
  • Principles of effective teacher collaboration
  • Teacher collaboration in practice
  • Teachers’ analysis of their own teaching
  • Teaching support and teaching quality
  • Management of change and quality development in schools
  • Presentation of action plans for increased learning in one’s own school


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