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Small Business Development


This course, together with BTH 9743 Bachelor’s Thesis – Small Business Development, 15 ECTS, makes up a specialisation of 30 ECTS, which is included in the students’ final diploma. The course applies to students enrolled on the Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing or the Bachelor’s Programme in Business Administration. Other students may choose this course as an elective in their 3rd year.

The course aims at qualifying students for management of small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs – as well as for consultancy work for SMEs. This entails that the specialisation has ties to the business community and practical entrepreneurship. Cases and discussions are used to enable students to find work methods for contributing optimally to their own and other students’ learning. Hence the students become responsible for the learning processes, together with the organizers of the processes.

Course content

Development and start-up phase

  • External conditions for business in Norway
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Development of business ideas
  • Business models and business plan process
  • From business plan to operational business
  • Management challenges in the development and start-up phase
  • The digitalization

Growth and maturation phase

  • Development of leadership-, information and management systems
  • Cooperation, alliances and net work
  • Practical financial management in SMB
  • Management and control in a growth phase
  • Board functions in SMB and start ups
  • Boards work with control and risk management
  • Management in a growth phase

Strategic development - renewal - change

  • Development of competence and employer - HRM
  • Strategic management and strategic processes in SMB
  • Project as a work tool
  • Innovation and development processes
  • Management of development processes
  • Crises and risk management
  • Acquisitions, fusions and fisions
  • Change management


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