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Social Media and Networks


Social media and networks have become valuable technologies in business operations in all types of industries. The channels provide businesses with effective ways to keep up with customers and other stakeholders, creating meeting places for interaction and knowledge sharing to an extent we have never seen before. But how should businesses approach social channels and networks as an arena for value creation? It is important to understand the tactical and strategic choices that must be made to reap the rewards by communicating effectively and credibly with the one you want to reach.

Course content

  • Media development, consumer trends, drivers of change
  • The digital customer journey
  • Network theory - technology-mediated communication and interaction.
  • Strategic foundation, organizational prerequisites
  • Social media channels and networks in business operations;
    • analysis / insight
    • internal communication
    • customer dialogue - CRM
    • knowledge sharing / collaboration
    • marketing and branding
    • Influencer marketing
    • product development and innovation
  • Social media platforms - features and characteristics
  • Content marketing and content production
  • Ethical and legal issues 
  • Measuring communication power


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