Excerpt from course description

Starting a venture in creative industry


Entrepreneurship is a key competence in today's working life in general and in creative industries in particular. The course is based on the model from the start-up course at the Bachelor program in Entrepreneurship, but focused on creative industry.

This is a practical course where the students work with problem solving, idea development, commercialization and setting up a business within the creative industry. During the course, the students will start, run and possibly close a business, either as a student company or as an ordinary company. The course follows the framework for JA Worldwide. Participation in hours and work is expected beyond the lectures. Status reports prior to each lecture through short videos. There are sales requirements for the student companies that are set in consultation with the class. 

Course content

  • Entrepreneurship in creative industry
  • Business idea and contractor's resource base
  • Entrepreneurship Theory
  • Choice of company form, registration
  • Organization and management
  • Networks and alliances
  • Product / Service
  • Marketing, sales and distribution
  • Financing and budgeting for startups
  • Business plan and pitching
  • Exit or further growth?


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