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Strategic Business Development and Innovation


Strategic business development and innovation is about seeing new opportunities. This program focuses on the understanding of digital technology as an enabler of new ways of doing things (or doing new things), be it organizing, processes, customer experiences or business models. Digital technology is developing to both create and demand a high degree and pace of change in organizations and their surroundings.

Being able to explore and exploit new possibilities and deal with the high rate and pace of change will challenge common practices within business development and innovaition. The program is academically based within the disciplines of strategy, leadership, and innovation, with a focus on business and technology understanding, agile organizing, and innovation processes.

Central to the program is a course project where the participants work with a real developmental or innovative project in their organizations. The project should be based on a real problem, challenge or possibility, and aim for simplification, performance increase or renewal. The work is organized through a systematic learning process where the participants are guided through the various phases of innovation and development. The process will be based on theoretical models and frameworks, and practical tools for analysis and execution such as, for instance, Lean Startup and Design Thinking.

The program is aimed at anyone with an interest in innovation and business development, who are holding or seeking an active and responsible role within this field in their organization. No technology background or knowledge is required. The program is well suited for organizations with problems to solve or ideas to develop in a structured and collaborative context.

The program will have five modules, each lasting 3-4 days, one of them abroad. In addition there will be 2-3 online activities (mostly webinars) between each module. The modules will feature lectures, guest lecturers, case discussions, group and plenary discussions and work with projects. (If travel is not possible, the content of module 2 will be delivered digitally from our collaborators abroad.)

Course content

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  • Business development, value creation and technology
  • Innovation, innovation models and innovation processes
  • Technology development and new business opportunities
  • Business processes and enterprise architecture
  • Organizing for innovation and business development


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