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Strategic Change Management in the Education Sector


The course MAN 5132 Strategic Change Management in the Education Sector can be an element in the degree Executive Master of Management with specialisation in school management. It can also be taken as a stand-alone course.

Strategic Change Management in the Education Sector provides the participants with a theoretical foundation in strategy and management subjects, focusing on schools. This gives the participants a solid basis for their third year in the EMM specialisation, and the course therefore contributes to integrating the different elements in the specialisation.

Course content

Strategic analysis and their implementation in educational institutions

  • Point of departure: the school’s “mission” and goals
  • Environment: significant players and drivers of change  
  • Governmental framework conditions
  • International development characteristics  
  • The activity’s strategic resources and priorities
  • Directional choices and priorities
  • Action plan for implementation

    Education leadership for effective organisation and implementation

  • Organisational roles, authority and responsibility
  • Minimum hierarchy: delegation to the lowest effective level
  • Effective decision-making and implementational processes in organisations
  • The moment of truth: the meeting between teacher and pupil  
  • Professional sub-cultures and professional cooperation  
  • Horisontal processes and coordination
  • Cooperation with external players  

    Management of strategic change processes in educational institutions  

  • Phases of the change process
  • Management “top-down” and adaptation “bottom-up”
  • Change willingness and change opposition
  • Management of strategy and change processes
  • Conflict management, power and negotiations
  • Influence and change of organisational cultures


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