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Strategy Perspectives


This course is mandatory for students majoring in strategy, and a prerequisite for all students planning to take Strategy 3 – Research Frontiers in Strategic Management. (DRE 3003)

Course content

The course is taught primarily as research seminars, where students and faculty interact in a combination of presentations and discussions of key contributions by outstanding scholars in the field. Each session focuses on one key issue, and includes 5-7 key contributions selected by the faculty member responsible for that session. 3-5 articles are required, the other 2-4 articles are recommended. For students wanting to continue doing research within a specific topic, the recommended articles are a good starting point.

The course covers main streams of research in strategic management and organizational structure and processes. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Transaction cost theory and its application in strategic management research
  • Agency theory as a platform for governance and organization design research
  • The activity based perspective, its origins, development and future directions
  • The resource based perspective and its derivatives in strategic management research
  • The network perspective in strategic management and its sociological underpinnings
  • Industrial Organization, its economic foundations and contemporary status

The primary lecturers will be Øystein Fjeldstad and Amir Sasson with selective contributions by BI faculty members, with different academic specialties.

Required articles are listed in a detailed syllabus, and are mostly available from the library. Book chapters and articles not available from the library will be provided on It's Learning or in a a reader. Recommended readings can be acquired from the library or online sources. Students will be informed about who the other participants are, and recommended to collaborate on collecting and distributing copies of the articles. Detailed reading list will be available from the course coordinator.


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