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Occupational Health Psychology


Due to unforeseen circumstances the lecturer for this course has been changed at the last minute. Therefore the reading list has been adjusted 18. March.

As organizations today are facing challenges in their efforts to perform effectively, there is increasing agreement that in order to be successful, they need to focus on employee health and well-being for a unique competitive advantage. The field of occupational health psychology aims to help organizations address this need.

Standing at the intersection of health psychology, work and organizational psychology, and social and environmental psychology, occupational health psychology is a field of psychology concerned with improving the quality of work life, and with protecting and promoting the safety, health, and well-being of workers.

This course on occupational health psychology will help students understand the field of occupational health psychology, reflect on central theories, research, and practices associated with occupational health psychology, and identify how to best advise organizations and employees dealing with occupational health issues.

Course content

  • Sources and consequences of job-related stress
  • Theories of job-related stress
  • Preventive stress management strategies
  • Psychological health problems and interventions
  • Deviant workplace behaviors
  • Positive occupational health psychology



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