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Supply Chain Management - Logistics Management


This course will, in combination with BTH 1704 Bachelor in Logistic Leadership and Supply Chain Management (15 study points) provide specialization in the subject to the value of 30 credits. This course is suitable for students at Bachelor level in Marketing, Retail Management and Business Administration. Other students can participate in the third year of the course.

Specialization provides students with leadership orientated knowledge as well as an understanding of the developments and leadership issues in supply chains and internal business logistics. Students will learn the physical and administrative processes surrounding the acquisition, handling, storage, planning, production, transportation and delivery of goods and services in a way which fulfills the customers need for service in a cost effective manner.

Course content


  • The purchasing process
  • Segmenting of suppliers
  • What purchasing means for the company
  • Purchasing negotiations


  • The structure of the transport market
  • Transport and the environment
  • Transport pricing
  • Route planning

Operations Management

  • Distribution Planning
  • Storage Optimization
  • Production Planning


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