This course is part of the statutory curriculum for approval as a Norwegian certified accountant. The programme meets the requirements of the certified accountant regulation of 8 February 1999 no. 196 (education requirements for certified accountants).

Course content

Knowledge about Norwegian tax and charge rules, including:

  • Capital and income taxation of individual sole proprietorships and private companies

  • Value-added tax

  • Equity transactions and other transactions with the owners that can lead to taxation

  • Taxation of termination of sole proprietorships and liquidation of enterprises and conversion of companies

  • Employers¬†contribution

  • The basic rules concerning capital and income taxation of personal taxpayers

  • Capital taxation of privat companies and partnerships

  • Relevant regulations on tax deductions

  • Main principles on how to determine tax values of possessions received as gifts or inheritage

  • Tax planning and ethical reflections

  • Basic knowledge about the tax and charge administration

  • Central regulation on administrative changes of a person's or company's tax report


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