The program Team Management is about how you achieve performances through teams, as work mode and leadership approach. Team is about working democratically, flexible, performance oriented and involving. Team means to work through others with others. Team gives the opportunity to realize oneself through learning and working in interaction with others. In a digitalized and competence based work life, team has achieved a renewed attention because it is the most appropriate work mode. Performances, competence leadership, creativity and innovation, decisions and processes are the themes in the program. This program is relevant for participants and managers of teams from different industries and organisations, where team is used as organizing principle for market or client orientation, as development of projects, as change mode, innovating principle, to improve the work climate or development of competence based environments amongst other.

In this program you will learn more about what creates good performances in teams and how people can be lead in different types of team processes. We are based in the established research about work groups- and teams, but renew these perspectives by impulses from psychology, newer leadership theories, humanistic perspectives and art.
You will learn theories about team organizing, team performances and processes, as well as how to handle and lead different processes in teams. The program has five main themes, as starting point for each module.

Course content

1st course module - Team Performances
2nd course module - Leadership of competence based teams in a digital time
3rd course module - Creative team processes - Study tour to Barcelona
4th course module - Leadership- and decision making teams
5th course module - Processes in teams


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