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The art and design business/industry: public communication and social media


Visual art and cultural history are dealt with through several organizational forms in the Norwegian museum and gallery landscape. There are common characteristics between this industry and theatre, dance and music as regards economic framework conditions and traditions.  

In Norway the museum landscape largely consists of museums of visual art, applied art and cultural history. Other museum institutions such as specialist museums and university museums also play noticeable roles. These institutions have a number of common interfaces and it is primarily the institutions that deal with contemporary art, art history and cultural history that will be dealt with in the course. The gallery landscape, the biennials and the major exhibitions are in regular contact with the museums, which results in both a renewal of and a challenge to the industry by both private and public players.

An important common characteristic of the enterprises in this industry is their focus on the cultural-historical and/or artistic expression. The financial challenges of the institutions, their need for visitors, and administrative and organizational conditions constitute central aspects of their ability to play an active role in society and the institutional landscape. These aspects, thus, as well as the political framework conditions that form the basis for the growth of the institutions, will constitute fundamental elements of the course.

Course content

  • Value chains in the art and design industries   
  • Players and interaction in the art and design industries 
  • Public communication and use of the social media 
  • Cultural and business policy prerequisites   
  • Organizational conditions 
  • Economic structures and preconditions 
  • The market for art and design
  • Visual expression at centre


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